About Us

USA Harness is located in Winnsboro Texas, two hours East of Dallas. We began operation in 1991 and have since expanded to a second facility. Both facilities are capable of full scale production. We have a fully equipped tool and die making shop to support our product development. Each plant utilizes plastic injection molding machines, terminal application presses, ultrasonic splicing and digital testing equipment.

USA Harness North Plant, located at 1201 E. Coke Rd., has 35,000 square feet of production floor space. Also located at this facility are our engineering support, the tool shop as well as maintenance operations.

USA Harness South Plant, located directly across from the North Plant at 100 Park St., has 65,000 square feet of production floor space, and 13,500 square feet of receiving, warehouse (used by both plants), and office space. Automated cable and wire pulling/cutting processes are performed here. This facility is also our corporate headquarters housing customer service, purchasing, and finance.

USA Harness is one of the community’s largest employers. Our dedicated workers combine innovative manufacturing techniques, and a keen knowledge of our industry to provide a diverse range of electrical wiring systems that are unparalleled in quality and reliability. All products are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures.